LotD 112: Fashion Addition

LotD 112

Bloggettes, I swear this jacket and skirt were new when I purchased them. I just couldn’t find the right outfit to put together. And yesterday, stumbling around in my inventory, I happened across them again and put two and two together (sometimes I’m a bit slow, my lil bloglings) and out came a very fashionable four. My calculations aren’t always timely, but I like to think when they’re done, they’re often elegant solutions to the problem. LotD 112

Style Notes: This skirt from HOC Industries comes with a texture change HUD and if you are a member of their group, you can unlock extra textures (extra is always good!). Furthermore, these shoes come in two bright colors (at the store location) and if you go to Stuff in Stock, you can also get them in black and white (my point being, go to Stuff in Stock).

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