Down the Rabbit Hole – The Kawaii Project, Hair Fair, Wayward Carnival

Hello Bloglings! I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland, as cliche as that may be. The word and logic games are terribly fun and it has such a cute cult culture following. Also, the concept of wonderland seems so terribly relevant to SecondLife itself, where things sometimes only make sense within this sphere.

Down the rabbit hole.

So, this round of the Kawaii Project is Wonderland themed. And one of my favorite items this round is a hair with ears from LCKY. I am actually wearing another hair with the ears in this photo, but the set is really lovely. And the ears! They come with an up and down version, and a pierced and non-pierced version. So many options!

I am wearing a lovely tousled hair from Tableau Vivant, which was released at Hair Fair. Hair Fair ends on the 26th, so get your junk together and hop over there if you haven’t already. Stop by each shop and click on the 10 for a giftie from the merchant.

Hop, hop, hop!    There is also this really cute dress from le fil casse at Kawaii. I like that it is really cute but not too lolita-eque. It is really difficult to find a lovely color tattoo, but antielle does work. I have this one that I found at Kawaii below and I also photograph another one last week for my flickr was was quite lovely. Tea?
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…and that, dear, is how cotton candy is made…

The Kawaii Project opened and everything is adorable!

...and that, dear, is how cotton candy is made...

This corset and lingerie from Violent Seduction comes with TMP, Belleza, and SLink appliers. I love the designers willing to do extra work so that we can use our preferred bodies. Thank you!

Cotton Candy

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The woodcutter’s daughter.

The woodcutter's daughter. 1

I spent some time at Frisland today and it is an absolutely lovely Autumnal sim. I spoke briefly with the owner and he was very kind and gracious. It is always a pleasant surprise when a beautiful sim and a kind owner come together. So, please, stop by and explore the idyllic lands and drop a little linden in the donation jar, if you find that your time was well spent.

The woodcutter's daughter. 2

Also, Mystic Realms Faire closes in just a couple days. If you haven’t been (and I’m sure you have, if I know you bloggettes), stop by because there are so many wonderful things like this GField dress, which is absolutely adorable, and completely necessary for any elven maiden.

The woodcutter's daughter. (Closeup)

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Procrastination Meme

Procrastination Meme

Bloglings! Another meme for your reading pleasure, because I know you’re so interested the tedious details of my SLife. But mostly because it is fun for me, and I like imposing my fun upon my readers even if it makes them cringe, look at the picture, and move on. haha This is another meme implemented by the lovely Strawberry Singh. You can read more about what a meme is <here> or read her own memes on her memes’ page <here>.

  1. What is the rez date for your current SL Avatar that you use most often? MultiMuse Resident — May  27th 2011. This is my first avatar! I’m fairly young in the SL world, I know, but I’m a quick learner.
  2. Where was the first place you made friends as a newb and got to know people in Second Life? The first place I became acquainted with people was the in the welcome areas. It is lucky that I didn’t stay there though or else I may not have remained in SL; people there are often so vicious. I also found a club called Alt7, which is still around, but I was too shy and quiet to actually make friends there. I just listened to the music. Sometimes I still go there, but I never return to the welcome areas.
  3. Where do you spend most of your SL time now? Either at my own parcel Strange Thoughts (a voice discussion sim for philosophy and other geeky topics) or The Chamber. Even though The Chamber is a sex sim, very little sex actually occurs. Usually it is people standing around looking pretty (there is a dress code) and staring at each other or lost in IM world.
  4. Who is your closest friend in Second Life? (only pick one) Only pick one?! I couldn’t possibly. Sophiee Kiranov, Kyoko Shoteka, and Singer Voom. They all have dramatically different personalities, and I love that about them. I wish I spoke with them more often, but I always fear I’m interrupting them or bothering them when I message them.
  5. What is the most favorite thing in your inventory? (only pick one) This may change on a regular basis. I prefer to think this has nothing to do with ADD, but I’m probably lying to myself. I tend to forget about things and then randomly I come across it again and \o/ love all over again. It is like Christmases and Birthdays all the time at random intervals (except that they aren’t actually gifts, just little surprises from forgetfulness and distraction).
  6. The last thing you purchased in Second Life? The Pink Fuel Freckled Love version of the Sora skin at the Adore and Abhor Anniversary Event. I absolutely love ginger skins; I’m addicted to them. On a related but irrelevant note, I wish I were the type of blogger that was better at blogging many ethnicities. Strawberry Singh does this very well as does Neva (not to be confused with Neva Crystall, though she is absolutely brilliant) .
  7. What color clothing does your avatar wear most often? I wasn’t sure so I flipped through my flickr to check and wow! I wear an obscene amount of pink. I had no idea.
  8. Do you prefer to walk, run or fly? I generally walk; Musey is adorable when she walks. It is a little skip that makes my heart give a happy sigh with each step (I may be exaggerating a bit here). Futhermore, I can’t fly worth a damn. Seriously, I’m all over the place.
  9. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in SL? hm. I don’t do much of anything that is crazy. I play Barbie a lot with my avatar and well, talk to people on sex or philosophy sims (strange combination, I know). I guess I’m fairly boring.
  10. Who would you like to play YOU, in the movie of your SLife? I don’t think I’d want a movie of my SLife! There’d be no plot and way too many wardrobe changes; I’m sure it would be a flop at the box office. Unless! It could be an artsy indie flick where the lack of plot and extreme wardrobe changes only furthered the artistic vision of the director where the scene randomly cuts from conversations about sex to conversations about Existentialism. The lack of plot would only serve to promote the meaninglessness of life or SLife, thereby, being a movie that exemplifies Existentialism even as it discusses it. My god, I’m brilliant! In which case, it would be some no name actress, but that is okay because I don’t know much about actors and actresses anyhow.
I hope this was as fun for you to read as it was for me to share. Please share your own facts on Strawberry’s blog page <here>; I’d love to read them.
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LotD 123: Vivid

LotD 123

Herro bloglings! So, a friend of a friend passed me over this dress just about forever ago and I’m finally getting around to blogging it because I think it is really quite lovely, don’t you agree? Now, it comes with some flexi pieces for a fuller skirt bottom but I chose to leave those off and keep the look a nice sleek pencil skirt for a daytime into night time look. It is nice and modular that way. Try it out over at Chambres des Campbell <here> on the marketplace.

Also stunning is this spiked collar by Inside Lab. The detailing is just beautiful (just don’t poke yourself blogettes!).

LotD 123

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LotD 121: Walk Softly

LotD 121

More from the coldLogic Spring line for you, my lil bloglings. This lovely dress is so soft and pretty and drapes around the body perfectly. It comes in four colors perfect for your Spring wardrobe. Also, don’t forget that a new round of Zodiac has begun, which is where I snatched up this new necklace from Maxi Gossamer. Be sure to go browse the new inventory for the sake of your pixelated wardrobe.

LotD 121

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Skin Fair Preview!

Bloggettes! Skin Fair is right around the corner. \o/

izzies asia composite

This is Izzie’s new Asia skin, which I am absolutely in love with. Isn’t is beautiful. Just look at the ginger, it is lovely. Starting from the top and going from right to left the colors are as follows: light, peach, medium, tanned, dark tan. As always these skins come fully loaded with tons of makeup layers for mixing and matching options on the lipsticks and eye shadows, and even a matching nail base.

Snow Rabbit composite

Here is the new mesh head by Snow Rabbit. It is also just beautiful. All the makeups are really light and pale and the face is very youthful. She also blinks and opens her mouth when she smiles to show her beautiful teeth. See below.

Snow Rabbit expressions

Aren’t her teeth perfect?

English Muffin Jakuri composite

Here is the new English Muffin called Jakuri. I think it is just perfect. This is tone 1 and it is beautiful, almost ethereal. All the makeups are (only a few of which are shown here) are very soft. The makeups each come on separate skins except a bunch of eyeliners which come on tattoo layers. It even come with prim teeth, tango appliers, and a tan tattoo in case you decide to go darker.

RUNA composite

The detail on the RUNA skin by Step Inside is just amazing. I love the lines around the eyes and the mouth. RUNA comes in the four tones shown here, starting from the top left and going clockwise, they are as follows: rosy-pale, normal, tan, and dark. RUNA comes with a plethora of lipstick, eye shadow, blush and even a freckle tattoo layer.

Rockberry composite

Paige by Rockberry is something that I would typically gravitate towards. The feature are gentle and the makeup is soft and pretty. Paige comes with a bunch of different makeup options on the skin and has freckles on every layer.

essences and skinnery

Then here are the new skins from Essences (Clover in beach) on the left and The Skinnery (Hope in bare-milk) on the right. The Essences fatpack comes with four makeup options on the skin as well as cleavage options, appliers, and blush tattoo layers. The Skinnery skin comes with a bunch of cleavage options on the skin and an extra blush tattoo layer.

I hope you lil bloglings have fun at the skin fair. Enjoy being pretty!