Pose Fair 3: Grafica and EverGlow


Bloggettes, I’m covering new territory for me lately. I don’t generally do erotic poses but with the Pose Fair this year, I couldn’t help but to try a few out. Isn’t this a lovely pose by Grafica? It comes not only in the M/F version but also (and I highly applaud them for this) in a F/F and M/M version as well.

EverGlow 26

Here is a beautiful pose by EverGlow. It is Balls 25.

EverGlow 25

Here is a full view of the EverGlow Balls 25 pose.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and poses today, my little bloglings!

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LotD 91: The benign indifference of the universe

LotD 91

Baiastice has recently released a few gowns that are simply beautiful. Be sure to check them out. Musely decided to dress a little darker than usual today and take the dress in a different direction. I hope you enjoy.

LotD 91

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