LotD 60: Triple Play




I decided to write up three separate looks today. All feature the same shirt from House of Fox. It isn’t particularly new, I just found it in my inventory and ran with it. It is so well made and I was inspired by how useful it was.

This first look includes this new hair from Exile, which I absolutely love. The Bettie bangs are adorable. It is a bit darker than my usual looks, but it is one of my favorites to wear recently.

A little less casual and more chic is this second outfit. It includes these ColdLogic trousers which aren’t new but are still absolutely beautifully made. If you purchase them in pitch they have a very subtle and lovely texture to them.

The third and final look includes another pair of pants by ColdLogic. These pants are the newish simmonds trouser and come in a variety of colors. By another name, but basically the same pant with different textures are some jeans and all are very well made (as is anything with ColdLogic).


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LotD 31: Summer Rainfall

I love summer rainfall. When the blue skies seem to turn gray in only a few minutes and you get caught in sheets of rain at the most inopportune moments. I admit to waiting in wonder of those sneaky summer storms, hoping they might find me unaware (never realizing the contradiction I was creating for myself). The colors of this outfit remind me of those storms: gray clouds delineated with slivers of blue sky. It is summery but nice enough that you shouldn’t be tromping around in the rain while wearing it.

By the way, the shorts are a new mesh item from tokidoki, pick them up, they’re a perfect fit. ><

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Challenge: Accessorize a Base

Challenge: Accessorize a base

I was perusing one of my favorite blogs today Bolloblog and she had such a cute and simple outfit up with this shirt from a store called Useful Things paired with jeans from mon tissu. I immediately loved it, but wanted to make it more, well, me. I’m sure we’ve all felt that way before. So, I’d like to see others do it too. Take what you deem to be the essentials of another bloggers outfit and re-accessorize it to be more *you* (don’t forget to link the original).

Challenge: Accessorize a Base

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