LotD 118: Sailor

LotD 118

Blogettes, isn’t Musey adorable today? This is just an old outfit I came across in my inventory and it was too cute to *not* blog. So, despite all the events going on right now nothing here is new. I’m taking a small break. I’ve had to work all weekend in real life and haven’t had much time to blog, but that doesn’t mean¬† you don’t get something adorable in the meantime.

LotD 118

Style Notes:¬† The collar is a separate piece from the shirt and can be found on marketplace <here> for only 150L with full perms. Also, though these shoes from The Secret Store aren’t new, I haven’t blogged them before and they are just perfectly cute, my lil bloglings, and come in about a million color combinations.

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LotD 111: Green!

02-22 03_001

Good day bloggettes! I don’t wear it often, but green is definitely my favorite color. It is the color of Spring, and life, and grass, and the rainbow (okay, every color is in the rainbow but green is the *best* color in the rainbow). So, here is an outfit full of Spring Green and love for you featuring coldLogic’s new cardigan.

LotD 111

Style Notes: coldLogic just released a whole slew of new cardigans in varying styles, make sure to go check them all out. Each cardigan can be worn with a dress that is included underneath or without. However, the dress cannot be worn without the cardigan, but who cares?! The focal point is, after all, the cardigans my bloglings.

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LotD 109: Pink Popstar

LotD 109

Bloggettes, I never wanted to be a pop star, not even growing up. However, there is something to be said for that confident, sexy look that seems to emanate from the greats.

02-21 06_001

Style Notes: These new slinky dresses by AVALE come with two versions, the color down the middle or the color on the outsides.

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Mon Tissu Blogger Search Entry

I’m not featuring anything especially new today, what I’m featuring is taking things and reusing them. Walking through a store that you’ve walked through a million times before and finding new ways to wear it or new things to wear it with. Sometimes, that can be even more exciting than new releases. Well, maybe AS exciting as new releases. I do love new releases, afterall.

So, today, I took a flowing tanktop from mon tissu and put it over a rigid business shirt. Instead of using the collar from the business shirt, I utilized a collar from epoque as well as a cute bow tie. I absolutely love bags and mon tissu’s Sophomore Satchel in floral matched perfectly.

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