Pose Fair Preview 1: Art Dummy and Flowey

Art Dummy and Flowey Bench

Another day, another event my little bloglings! Pose Fair is right around the corner and you should definitely stop by. It is full of adorable poses and animations. I’m starting off my huge Pose Fair expose with this adorable bench, which is a collaboration between Art Dummy and Flowey.  My lovely assistant is my good friend Kyoko Shoteka (she was extremely patient with my finickiness).

Art Dummy and Flowey Bench

The first picture is a good picture of how cute the pose is when they’re whispering to each other, but here is a nice full view of the bench. One of the great features of this bench is that each person’s pose is separate. So, the poses can be mixed and matched (there is one combination that may not work properly according to the included notecard).

Art Dummy and Flowey Bench

Here is another combination of poses on the bench. Isn’t is simply adorable?  When you buy the bench you also get it in four colors.

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