LotD 120: Spring Arrival

LotD 120

Hello Bloglings! ColdLogic just released a HUGE new Spring line of clothes, and this skirt is just a tiny little piece of it. There are tons of dresses, more skirts, and tops and jacketed tops as well. So, please stop by and check out the full release. I’ll be blogging more of it in the days to come.

LotD 120

Also new is this hair from Eater’s Coma which is just lovely.

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LotD 111: Green!

02-22 03_001

Good day bloggettes! I don’t wear it often, but green is definitely my favorite color. It is the color of Spring, and life, and grass, and the rainbow (okay, every color is in the rainbow but green is the *best* color in the rainbow). So, here is an outfit full of Spring Green and love for you featuring coldLogic’s new cardigan.

LotD 111

Style Notes: coldLogic just released a whole slew of new cardigans in varying styles, make sure to go check them all out. Each cardigan can be worn with a dress that is included underneath or without. However, the dress cannot be worn without the cardigan, but who cares?! The focal point is, after all, the cardigans my bloglings.

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