In the right light, even I have a halo.

In the right light, even I have a halo.

(Photo taken at Toxian City.)

Mandala – Steking Ears
Soedara – Bruised Body
Corvus – Eye Scar
Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands
LeLutka – Sato Hair – IrishRed
Glam Affair – Cleo – America – 03 A
Crash Republic – Gem Eyes – Blue

080214-02 Edit 2Clothes:
Blueberry – Jamie Mesh Tank Top in Black
MIEL – Cargo Skirt – Army
DRD – Worn Combats – Copper
MANDALA – Shamira Dog Tag Necklace in Black
BREACH – MAC-10 Holster
DirtyStories – Boom It! Armband in Real
22769 – Pygar Wings Metal (gacha)
TI – Black Gun Holsters
SISU – Iron Cross
DRD – WW2 Belt


Expressive Poses


LotD 60: Triple Play




I decided to write up three separate looks today. All feature the same shirt from House of Fox. It isn’t particularly new, I just found it in my inventory and ran with it. It is so well made and I was inspired by how useful it was.

This first look includes this new hair from Exile, which I absolutely love. The Bettie bangs are adorable. It is a bit darker than my usual looks, but it is one of my favorites to wear recently.

A little less casual and more chic is this second outfit. It includes these ColdLogic trousers which aren’t new but are still absolutely beautifully made. If you purchase them in pitch they have a very subtle and lovely texture to them.

The third and final look includes another pair of pants by ColdLogic. These pants are the newish simmonds trouser and come in a variety of colors. By another name, but basically the same pant with different textures are some jeans and all are very well made (as is anything with ColdLogic).


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LotD 50: Hurry Up!

Hurry up over to Miel before the end of the day and pick up this dress for only fifty linden for FLF. It comes in different color packs with HUDs for color changing and everything. The dress includes the dress and the tube top and you can even change the color of the string on the tube top. So, hurry on up! 🙂


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Androgynous Series: 2

This month’s collection at the Men’s Department closes on the first, so be sure to stop by and pick up this plaid shirt which comes in three color schemes. They also have some really great poses by exposeur which I used in these photos. The Tee*fy bag is from a gatcha, and I was lucky enough to get brown on the first attempt. Good luck. 🙂

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LotD 13: Dark Summer

LotD 13: Dark Summer

The sheerness of this skirt and the strapless shirt remind me of summer despite overall dark tones of the outfit. The shirt is actually two: a bathing suit from and the ruffles from Aura. I love that the ruffled boho top from Aura can be used to transform any top you own into something new if you are a bit more conservative. Keep in mind that the skirt from Paperbag only comes in two sixes (curvy and average), and I had to adjust quite a bit to fit my belly into the average. Though, I didn’t mind considering how much I love the skirt. 🙂

LotD 13: Dark Summer

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