Triple Play: Slouchy Satin Tank

I know I’ve been a little absent lately, but I’ve not been feeling terribly well. Also, I have been working on a surprise. It is still in the works, so be patient!. Today, I  have a triple play for you featuring Tee*fy’s slouchy tank which was released at this month’s Collabor88. They’re a great staple, so I purchased all three fat packs, but I’m a hoarder. Don’t judge me!

Triple Play: Slouchy Tank

I draped this pink slouchy tank over a basic erratic longshirt in light pink. Then I paired them with BOOM Miami Linens in nutshell. Seriously, these are some of my favorite pants ever, so versatile. Then I added these Redgrave shoes to all of them because they are amazing and color-changeable. 🙂

Triple Play: Slouchy Tank

Teal! This time a bit more casual with mijn botique’s ombre jeans in black/blue. And another appearance of League’s necklace but in coordinating colors. I love teal!

Triple Play: Slouchy Tank

Spicy red. This tank is called Chili and I paired it with erratic’s leather pants in black. This time cuffing up the wrists with BOOM’s new cuffs from Collabor88 and adding a cross from glow studio.

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LotD 60: Triple Play




I decided to write up three separate looks today. All feature the same shirt from House of Fox. It isn’t particularly new, I just found it in my inventory and ran with it. It is so well made and I was inspired by how useful it was.

This first look includes this new hair from Exile, which I absolutely love. The Bettie bangs are adorable. It is a bit darker than my usual looks, but it is one of my favorites to wear recently.

A little less casual and more chic is this second outfit. It includes these ColdLogic trousers which aren’t new but are still absolutely beautifully made. If you purchase them in pitch they have a very subtle and lovely texture to them.

The third and final look includes another pair of pants by ColdLogic. These pants are the newish simmonds trouser and come in a variety of colors. By another name, but basically the same pant with different textures are some jeans and all are very well made (as is anything with ColdLogic).


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