LotD 111: Green!

02-22 03_001

Good day bloggettes! I don’t wear it often, but green is definitely my favorite color. It is the color of Spring, and life, and grass, and the rainbow (okay, every color is in the rainbow but green is the *best* color in the rainbow). So, here is an outfit full of Spring Green and love for you featuring coldLogic’s new cardigan.

LotD 111

Style Notes: coldLogic just released a whole slew of new cardigans in varying styles, make sure to go check them all out. Each cardigan can be worn with a dress that is included underneath or without. However, the dress cannot be worn without the cardigan, but who cares?! The focal point is, after all, the cardigans my bloglings.

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LotD 97: Getting Vertical

LotD 97

I finally dug this dress out of the depths of my inventory to blog. I absolutely love the vintage feel and strange colors. It reminds me of digging through dusty bins at the thrift store hoping to find that one perfect piece that will make the hours (and the strange smell of decaying fabric mixed with mothballs) worthwhile. Luckily, searching through a SecondLife inventory is much cleaner. Unfortunately, it lacks the same nostalgia.

LotD 97

Style Noes: This dress by Yulicie also comes in a black and white version and if I recall correctly it is just as adorable as this one (if you can believe it). I picked these little earrings up at this weeks Dressing Room Fusion and they come in a package of 12 colors (if I can count correctly). Furthermore, this is an old cuff bracelet by W&B but if you don’t have it in your inventory yet, you should. It is cheap and you can click it to change it to up to 14 colors.

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LotD 63: In Preparation of Winter

LotD 63

I took an unexpected sabbatical. However, I like to think that absence makes the heart grow fonder. You’re fonder, right?!
When I took these pictures, this coat from ColdLogic was new. It isn’t new any longer, but it is still gorgeous. Yesterday, they just released a bunch of new sweater dresses, one of which I will be blogging shortly. So, hop on down to their store and stay tuned. 🙂

LotD 63
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LotD 59: Inventory Cleaning

I have been trying to clean out my inventory as of late. It is a difficult task indeed. Here is a simple outfit I put together just with things I already owned. Sometimes, you don’t have to go out and buy things to come up with something new and cute.  Of course, sometimes you’ll just want to anyhow. 🙂


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