Nostalgia – The Arcade and We Love Roleplay Opens

Alice: How long is forever?

White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.

-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


I”m sorry but I don’t have a story today for you, bloglings. It has been a very difficult week for me, and I’m pretty behind.  But I have so many lovely things for you!

If you haven’t made your way into The Arcade yet, keep trying. This doll avatar is worth every Linden you’ll dump into that machine. Bloglings, I’m not usually a doll avatar kind of gal. However, I love the creativity and detail on the rare with the carousel. And the hip joints on all the of them are kinda wonderful, I’m not sure why I’m enamored with that part

Also! We Love Roleplay opened. So, you know the first thing I did was hop over and grab a skin from one of my favorite skin makers, Lumae. The skin is a pretty close match to the mesh doll avatar, though not perfect. It was good enough for me bloglings. There are so many nice things this round that I am really can’t wait to show you.
Forgotten Toys
Because the photo above was taken before WLRP opened, the skin in that photo is Redmint).

We Love Roleplay Seocnd Life Event Logo


Clickety-click for the credits, mah bloggettes!

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LotD 1: Argyle Love

This is a bit of a trial post. 🙂


In time you will recognize that I love monotone palettes with small bursts of bright color. Today, the palette begins with these beautiful mesh hi-waist pants from NYU paired with an argyle tube top that I picked up at the Kawaii Fair. The top does not include a system piece, instead it is one easy to adjust prim. Against the monotone are pieces of bold pink jewelry from Je Suis and Izzie’s. Pick up the Je Suis pieces quickly as they are exclusive at the Wear Gray for a Day event.


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