Encounter with a Night Fae

I had never seen one of her kind before. Night fae hid from light, and we humans gather around it like insects begging for warmth and salvation. So, when I stumbled upon her in the forest which stretched out from the backdoor of my own home, I was startled. I did not know they settled so closely to my home. And in the depths of the darkness that closed around the whole forest, I distrusted my very own eyes. Even I know that human eyes are fickle things, only capable of seeing what they wish to see.

Her skin looked like the thick smoke that billowed from chimneys above the cabins in our town, simultaneously dark and luminous, as it hung placid in the winter air. Translucent wings twitched, luminescence glowing from within and casting a strange aura around her cinereous skin.

Eyes, undaunted by my sudden appearance in the dark landscape, looked towards me. It felt as if they sought me out, grasped at the edges of my soul to determine my virtue, or lack thereof. I do not know if her eyes emanated the same glow which cast itself about from her wings, or if it was a reflection of the magic which she contained in the palm of her hand. The magic remained steady, lighting up her face which seems soft and kind but somehow distant, even as she stared at me with those cerulean eyes which tugged at my thoughts. Her mere gaze felt like an invasion, but it was difficult to concentrate as the glow of magic in her palm grew, pulsing and oscillating. It drew me in, captured me as I stood transfixed before the beautiful, delicate creature.

050116-01 (Edit 1).png

Bloglings! How I have missed you! A couple weeks ago, Muse was finally returned to me. The account was fixed. Linden Labs told me that she had an inventory bug, but it has now been resolved. It is a bit strange how accustomed and comfortable one becomes with a chosen identity. And it was so bizarre not having her around. I have spent the last couple weeks getting reacquainted with her inventory. I don’t remember all the new things I had purchased or where I had left off. I have also been really attempting to purge things. My inventory went from 130K to 93K, I would like to get lower and will be working on that.

So, while doing that, I updated my drow fairy. Nothing in this photo is particularly new, but they are things I love, and I just wanted to take a quick snap of the avatar.

050216-02 (Edit 1)

The skin here is from Alterego. They make some of my favorite fantasy skins right now. If you’re interested, please demo the skins. The faces are much lighter than the body and this can look a bit strange, if you aren’t accustomed to it. This is how the skins were intended, they blend together beautifully from the body to the head.

The wings are from Amalgamation and are some of my favorite fae wings. I may be biased because my best friends created them, but they are beautiful and come with so many options, including animations.I wanted to show a quick gif of them here, since I haven’t done that before. The animation is a bit quicker in world, was lagging a bit due to the recording.

amalgamation wings.gif

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From the Dark – WLRP is Back! Epiphany is ending! And Illusion Point.

The bones of her wings spread, lifting towards the dark sky. The thick, dark membrane lined with muscle moved the hollow bones with ease and scooped up the humid air that surrounded her. One may not even notice the little necromancer if it weren’t for her wings. She was tiny but those dark, boned wings were broad and spanned out around her, creating a dark canvas for her pale skin.

She giggled as she skipped around a few crumbling gravestones and then irreverently sat atop one. Ancient words whispered from her lips with an impish smile and a deft hand flourish. At the sweet sound of her voice and the dark incantation, came a cacophony of groans and murmurs. The dead, angry for the interruption to their sleep, continued the dissonant symphony as they crawled from their resting places to meet their new mistress.
From the dark.

Blloglings! We Love RP is back and better than ever for the August round. Our favorite shopping event now has its own sim! It opens tomorrow and with the opening Souzou Eien is releasing these beautifully dark wings. They come with a color HUD and are still modifiable. I love when designers leave things mod. You can change both the bone and the membrane color.

Goth1c0 released this beautiful dress at a new monthly event called Illusion Point. I love the way the straps crisscross. You can’t see it here, but the back is absolutely lovely.  Goth1c0 walks the fine line between elegant and provocative without stumbling.

The Epiphany closes tomorrow, boggettes. So, you need to skip your cute mesh bum over there and snatch up this beautiful rare staff from May’s Soul. The detailing on it is really quite remarkable. Also, don’t forget to redeem your items for points. Only 100 points will roll over to next round, be sure to trade in any extra.

Also! (So much going on) Totally Top Shelf is now open. I popped over there and snatched up this really lovely necklace from Secret Love. They are a smaller newer store but have really delicate and lovely things. The necklace comes with a color hud to change both the drops and the gems on the necklace. It is really pretty, and you should stop by her store as well to see what other beautiful things she offers. DirtyStores also released this very detailed and macabre headpiece at TTS. It also has a color hud. All these options make me a very happy shopper.

…and new poses from Grafica at their mainstore location. Yay!

From the Dark. (Detail)

We Love Roleplay opens August 4th (Location TBA)

The Epiphany closes August 4th

Kustom9 is open until August 10th

Illusion Point is open until August 18th

Mesh Body Addicts Fair is open until August 21st

Totally Top Shelf is open until August 22nd

We Love Roleplay Seocnd Life  Event Logo

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Down the Rabbit Hole – The Kawaii Project, Hair Fair, Wayward Carnival

Hello Bloglings! I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland, as cliche as that may be. The word and logic games are terribly fun and it has such a cute cult culture following. Also, the concept of wonderland seems so terribly relevant to SecondLife itself, where things sometimes only make sense within this sphere.

Down the rabbit hole.

So, this round of the Kawaii Project is Wonderland themed. And one of my favorite items this round is a hair with ears from LCKY. I am actually wearing another hair with the ears in this photo, but the set is really lovely. And the ears! They come with an up and down version, and a pierced and non-pierced version. So many options!

I am wearing a lovely tousled hair from Tableau Vivant, which was released at Hair Fair. Hair Fair ends on the 26th, so get your junk together and hop over there if you haven’t already. Stop by each shop and click on the 10 for a giftie from the merchant.

Hop, hop, hop!    There is also this really cute dress from le fil casse at Kawaii. I like that it is really cute but not too lolita-eque. It is really difficult to find a lovely color tattoo, but antielle does work. I have this one that I found at Kawaii below and I also photograph another one last week for my flickr was was quite lovely. Tea?
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A Long Night – The Secret Affair, The Epiphany, Genre, and Hair Fair

She was a creature of the night, always drifting into the shadows. Darkness had become her friend; it beckoned her. The shadows broke across the pale surface of her skin; they were a part of her and yet so very distinct from her. Her strength was in her ability to kill. Efficient death – swift and painless. Her weakness was in the blanket of guilt that shrouded her, enveloped her. But an assassin does what she must.
A long night.
Bloglings! So many events are going on right now it is overwhelming. There is the new Epiphany event which had an intriguing gacha system that allows you to redeems extra/unwanted items. The Secret Affair opened with tons of awesome things and HAIR FAIR! The Hair Fair guide is here.
A Long Night - Detail
Also, this skin is from Lumae at Genre and is only 100L, including a slew of appliers. No, like every fuckin’ applier you could ever think of. I’m serious. Think of one. Yep, it is in there.


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Solitude – Mizu and We Love Roleplay

I took this picture a few weeks ago. I apologize for my delay in posting. I’ve been really low and have been finding it difficult to find the energy and the desire to do much of anything. An upswing is certainly on the way, though. I do miss mah lil bloglings!

Solitude - Mizu and We Love Roleplay
Solitude – Mizu and We Love Roleplay

Mizu is this lovely event that recently opened. Not only are there beautiful things there to purchase, but there is a storyline to follow. Put on the HUD and experience the story; it is lovely. All the details and the LM are on Mizu‘s website (in both Japanese and English). While there, I grabbed this lovely kimono by Silvery K and a few deco items. The kimoni is really beautifully made.

Also, still going is the June round of We Love Roleplay. Tableau Vivant made lovely hair, as usual. It is long and chunky; she calls them faux dreads. These pavers from Stormwood are also being released this month. They are beautifully textured, come with different configurations and each has a grass version (which I love).

We Love Roleplay Event Logo

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Like a sir.

If you actually caught me in world, you might be surprised to see what I wear on a regular basis. Though you may find me as a fairy or other fantastical creature, you are more likely to find me in lingerie. Corsets are a secret love of mine, and I impulse buy them like cheap chocolate at the supermarket counter. Luckily, corsets make me look prettier than chocolate, bloggettes. Another favorite of mine is pairing panties with suit jackets/blazers. I find the juxtaposition of business with the intimacy of panties and garters intriguing. So, when No. 7 sent me this adorable moustache lipstick, I had a clear vision for showing off a side of me on this blog that I often neglect.

No. 7 sent me a few things for Fantasy Faire, all of which are delightful, but this lipstick really struck a chord with me. I like the play on gender while still maintaining femininity. Not only is it adorable, it is part of the Fantasy Faire Hunt and is, therefore, free (with the purchase of the hunt HUD).  Hunt information can be found here. This lipstick comes as an installer for the TMP mesh heads and as an applier for the Lelutka mesh heads. No tattoo layer is included for system heads.

042715-04 (Edit 1)

(Click on the photo to visit my flickr.)

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Mesh Body FAQ / Shopping Guide

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding mesh bodies. I get questions regarding mesh bodies on a daily basis. I am going to try and clear up some of that confusion today and maybe help some people who are new to the market on deciding on a mesh body.

In this post, I will not be reviewing mesh bodies or comparing them and coming to a conclusion on which you should buy. There are many mesh body reviews out there if that is what you’re interested in. I will list some reviews at the end of the article. In the end, though, you are the only one who is qualified to decide which body is right for you and how you style your avatar. Obviously, I do have my preferences (flip through my blog posts credits and that will become obvious), but this post is not intended to present those preferences to you. It is intended to help you decide what you want, not what I want you to want. 🙂

On to the show, bloggettes!

Why even bother with a mesh body? Do I even need a mesh body?

Mesh bodies have a much higher polygon count and can hold higher resolution textures. What does this mean? This means it looks better than the system or default body. The edges are smoother and the textures (skins and texture/system clothing) look much better, when made well. So, it stands to reason, that if you tend to bare a lot of skin, you might want one. If you tend to wear a lot of mesh clothing that fully covers your body, buying a mesh body would be moot. Take into consideration the way you generally style your avatar. I wear my mesh body *all* the time. However, I tend to wear very few clothes—lots of lingerie and cutie fairy outfits (apparently, fairies are very provocative :P). I even wear my body with dresses because I love the knees, elbows and shoulders on them.

You may also have general questions about how the bodies work.

May I keep my shape?

Yes! The bodies are fitted mesh. While rigged mesh (like most of the sized clothing you purchase) only works with certain sliders, fitted mesh works with all of the normal body sliders like muscle and fat. So, you can edit your shape and it affects the shape of the body. However (and more difficult to explain until you’ve tried some demos), the mesh bodies do have their own shape to them. I suppose it has something to do with the way the mesh sits on the basic structure of the body. The shape of this mesh cannot be altered. So, the breasts have a certain shape as does the stance of the thighs on different ones. This will affect the way clothing fits on each of them and you may realize that you like the shape of some mesh better than others when trying them out.

However, if you purchase a body with a head (or a mesh head alone), you can *not* change the face of it. Because of this, many mesh bodies come headless, which sounds a little weird, but it is brilliant. You keep your default head so you can keep your individual face and still utilize the benefits of a mesh body. There are some lovely  mesh heads out there, though. And if you aren’t too attached to your face, you may want to look into those as well.

Can I wear my old clothes with a mesh body?

This can be a complicated question to answer.

System/Texture Clothing. – Remember years ago when all clothing was texture clothing, the clothing that is painted on the avatar? These will not work at all with the mesh body. These adhere to and paint against the default body. So, when you put on your alpha for the mesh body and your default body disappears, so will this clothing. However, you can wear texture clothing. I like to wear some texture lingerie periodically. This can only be done if the merchant/designer who makes the clothing sells an applier for the specific mesh body you have, or maybe an Omega applier (we’ll talk about this later).

An applier is a HUD that you attach and click on (simple as that) that allows you to apply a texture to your mesh body (or other mesh part like hands/feet/boobies/head/etc). The mesh bodies have different invisible layers that are offset from the body and the HUD will apply a texture to this layers so it can be seen. This is also how you get the skin on your body (except the skin isn’t offset).

Rigged Mesh Clothing – This is probably most of the clothing in your inventory. It is the mesh clothing that generally comes in 5 standard sizes. The alphas that come with this clothing only affect the default/system body and do not affect the mesh body. Because of this mesh bodies come with an alpha HUD. This HUD allows you to make different ‘slices’ of the mesh body invisible. Each body’s HUD is different and offers different slicing. I am able to wear most of my rigged mesh with a mesh body without clipping (or with very little, as I’m pretty particular about this). However, because it is rigged, you will still have to adjust your shape to fit inside the rigged mesh, just like you used to.

Fitted Mesh Clothing – Some designers make fitted mesh clothing specifically for different bodies (Blueberry for example). There is not a great proliferation of this, though. I explained fitted mesh earlier, in regards to the bodies. When the fitted mesh is made for specific bodies there are generally no issues. What is great about this is that you can have a non-standard shape and still be wearing mesh; you don’t have to adjust your shape to fit inside of it.

There is also some fitted mesh out there that is not made for specific bodies. This is hit or miss. DEMO. Always DEMO to mitigate your disappointment. Remember when I said earlier that the body mesh has its own shape to it (the shape of the breasts or the stance of the hips/thighs)? It is because of this that layering fitted mesh over it can be difficult. When fitted mesh is created for a body , it is created with this same shape, so they move together perfectly. When fitted mesh isn’t, some difficulty can arise. However, the alpha HUD is sometimes enough to work around this. Just try things out and tinker a little bit.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but in a couple weeks, it will feel like tinkering with your default avatar. Just keep at it!

What is an Omega applier?

An Omega applier is an applier that works on *most* mesh bodies. However, it does *not* work on The Mesh Project’s or SLink’s body. In order to use it, you must purchase a relay. There is even a way to turn certain specific appliers (a Lola applier, for instance) into an Omega applier. This requires a bit of script swapping, and may not always work. You can read more about how to use Omega appliers and how to switch around appliers on their website.

What mesh bodies are most popular, and how do I choose?

There are a few characteristics that I find important and that you may want to consider when shopping for a mesh body. The importance of these characteristics will, obviously, depend on you and what you value most. You should demo and find out what is most important to you.

Price (obviously) – Prices on the mesh bodies range from 900L to 5000L. Depending on your budget this may be a deciding factor for you in your decision.

Shape – The shape of the mesh, not your body shape but how the shape is different or similar to the standard body and how it is affected by the sliders. If you remember earlier, I said that the stance of the thighs may change? The Mesh Project’s (TMP) body can often be difficult to put into shorts or pants because of the stance of their hips. However, I never have a problem putting the SLink body into shorts or pants. The closer the mesh is to the default body, the easier it will be to fit into rigged mesh/ standard sizing. This is because that mesh was created for the default body. However, this also means you may be losing some interesting/beautiful shape to the mesh which is part of the reason for a body in the first place—its differentiation from the default body. TMP may be more difficult to dress than SLink for instance, but I find the shape of TMP’s mesh to be much more appealing.

Much of this is going to be personal preference. You may prefer a more slender avatar, in which case you may prefer the SLink body to TMP. Or maybe you prefer the shape of one’s breasts over another one. There are other things to consider, though. If you primarily intend to wear applier clothing, the ease of fitted mesh may not be that important to you but Omega appliers may be very important.

Alpha HUD – If you plan to wear a lot of fitted mesh clothing, then this is extremely important. The more ‘cuts’ or sections in the alpha HUD the better because it provides you with greater versatility. Try out the HUDs with mesh clothing you already own, and don’t be afraid to adjust your shape to avoid any clipping (the mesh body poking through your clothing). On some bodies the front and the back have been the same alpha cut or both legs are the same one. Play around with them. See what you like and what you don’t like.

Here is a collage of the alpha HUDs of the six different mesh bodies that I own:

Alpha HUD Comparison

Top Row: Banned DEA, Belleza Venus, Kitties Lair Lena

Bottom Row: Maitreya Lara, SLink Physique, The Mesh Project Deluxe

Availability of Skins – If you love, love, love the skin you wear and refuse to change skins, this is critical. Does your skin creator make appliers so that the body can match seamlessly? If not, are the tones supplied by the mesh body you want close enough along with a neck blender to work for you? DEMO DEMO DEMO. Maybe you aren’t that attached to your skin. Do some of your favorite creators make appliers? Look around or look on the Skin Addiction blog to see a listing of available skin appliers for different mesh bodies.

By the way, if you aren’t a member of the Skin Addiction group. You should be. Join. I’m not kidding. They are the best group of the most helpful people I know. Anything related to shopping in SL and they’ll try to help as much as they can.

SLink Compabibility – Do you already own SLink hands and feet? Did you buy a gazillion-and-one shoes for those feet? If you want to keep wearing the shoes you already purchased, this will be important for you. Some of the bodies will work with the SLink feet and others will not. Make sure you know whether or not before buying, if this is important to you.

Omega Compatibility – Can the body be used with Omega appliers? A body being compatible with Omega appliers broadens the availability of texture clothing and skins for you.

Ease of Use – If you plan on using the body a lot, you may be really annoyed if you hate the HUD it comes with or you can’t figure out how to navigate the HUD. On the other hand, if you intend to use the body a lot, a difficult HUD could be something to which you’ll become accustomed and you’ll take the time in exchange for other features you appreciate. Know yourself. You didn’t realize the search for a mesh body was going to be so self-reflective, did you?

Ease of Shopping – Honestly, I only mention this at all because The Shops (where you purchase the TMP body) has a strange purchasing system involving a HUD. Many people seem to find this system very difficult to navigate. I wrote a tutorial on it here, if you want to go through and purchase it. Some people simply prefer to avoid The Shops altogether, but it is one of my favorite bodies. It is really beautiful.

I made a small chart comparing some of the features for the six mesh bodies I own:

Body Comparison 1

You may be interested in some reviews of mesh bodies. Here are a few I have gathered:

On The Mesh Body Addicts blog in the panel to the right.

Alaskametro compares a few different bodies here.

Strawberry Singh reviews Maitreya’s Lara and SLink’s Physique.

Harper Beresford reviews the Altamura mesh body with head and the Belleza Venus.

Here is also a line up of a bunch of different bodies by Meghindo, it is phenomenal. It is an older photo and, therefore, does not include Maitreya’s Lara. Here is an incomplete listing of a bunch of different bodies and other mesh parts too! There are a lot here, so try not to be overwhelmed.

That about sums it up! Now go, lil bloglings! Go and DEMO until your heart is content and your body is mesh.

Have a mesh body already? Need help dressing it? Here is a tutorial on the Mesh Body Addict’s blog to guide you!

If you have any further questions, don’t be afraid to comment below or ask me in world; I’m a friendly soul.

…and that, dear, is how cotton candy is made…

The Kawaii Project opened and everything is adorable!

...and that, dear, is how cotton candy is made...

This corset and lingerie from Violent Seduction comes with TMP, Belleza, and SLink appliers. I love the designers willing to do extra work so that we can use our preferred bodies. Thank you!

Cotton Candy

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Bathed in light, she walks in darkness.

Bathed in light, she walks in darkness.

So bloggettes, Fantasy Gacha Carnival is still open and you simply *must* play for this Alchemy Magi outfit. It is absolutely lovely. Admittedly, there is a small weird hole on the bum, but I still absolutely love it. Try the demo to make sure it isn’t a deal breaker for you.

A moment of thought before action.

And I would be the worst blogger in existence if I didn’t mention these wings from Miamai at We ♥ RP. They are absolutely beautiful and come in silver and gold and a HUD for tons of options on each. you can also get a matching breastplate (not shown here).

Battle Fairy

I am serious, bloglings, you need these wings.

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Sometimes we fail to illuminate the fog that surrounds us.

Hello! Fantasy Gacha Carnival has arrived and it is everything I thought it could be and more.

Sometimes we fail to illuminate the fog that surrounds us.

The skirt is lovely and is from Zenith. In the same machine is a bronze corset (which is not shown here).


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