Nostalgia – The Arcade and We Love Roleplay Opens

Alice: How long is forever?

White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.

-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


I”m sorry but I don’t have a story today for you, bloglings. It has been a very difficult week for me, and I’m pretty behind.  But I have so many lovely things for you!

If you haven’t made your way into The Arcade yet, keep trying. This doll avatar is worth every Linden you’ll dump into that machine. Bloglings, I’m not usually a doll avatar kind of gal. However, I love the creativity and detail on the rare with the carousel. And the hip joints on all the of them are kinda wonderful, I’m not sure why I’m enamored with that part

Also! We Love Roleplay opened. So, you know the first thing I did was hop over and grab a skin from one of my favorite skin makers, Lumae. The skin is a pretty close match to the mesh doll avatar, though not perfect. It was good enough for me bloglings. There are so many nice things this round that I am really can’t wait to show you.
Forgotten Toys
Because the photo above was taken before WLRP opened, the skin in that photo is Redmint).

We Love Roleplay Seocnd Life Event Logo


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Sweet dreams – Collabor88 Birthday Round

She had such terrible night terrors as a young girl. When sleep should have been a safe retreat from the dangers of the world, it just became another thing to fear. She would lie in bed, pricking her arm and the tips of her fingers with a needle to keep herself awake. Tiny droplets of blood stained her pillowcase and sheets. Inevitably, sleep would come. It came and took her in, refusing to let her elude its terrifying grasp as it forced her into another world even more terrifying than the actual one.

It started as a game, she asked others about their dreams-friends, family, even stragers at the playground or the store. It drove her mother mad. Her mother would try to hush her and would giggle awkwardly when she asked the store clerk, “What do you dream about when you sleep?” in a curiously soft and shy tone. But they always told her; they didn’t mind indulging the young girl.

As she grew older, she learned. She would lie in bed at night and before sleep could take her she would jump. Eyes closed, she recreated other people’s dreams in her own mind, and she could jump into their dreams. She could experience their lovely worlds because she was not capable of creating her own world without horror.
Sweet dreams.
So, Collabor88 is amazing this round as I’m sure you know bloglings. There are so many lovely things. I love all the decor items, of which I was only able to present a few here. They are lovely and perfect for my parcel Strange (but I have so few prims left 😦 ) This windswept dress is absolutely beautiful by Moon Amore. Although, it is more suited for photography than wearing in world because of the static nature of mesh. Although, there is an addon, which makes for the dramatic tail of butterflies, so it is still conceivable to wear in world without being completely ridiculous. I often wear their Helena dress in world (seen here in a previous post), which has the same affect. I absolutely love the delicate lace and detailing on this dress, so you will probably catch me traipsing about in world in it as well.

Breathe also released these beautiful butterfly heels in world. I don’t tend to wear a lot of shoes, but I love the cute twist on the classic pump.

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To the surface – More Enchantment and Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The ocean seemed to pulsate, echoing its sadness when its princess made a pact with the sea witch. Sorrow could be felt by every sea creature in those heavy, brackish waters, because the waters themselves had become sorrow. It was as if they carried the weight of the princess’ burden, for she did not seem to know the implications of her actions. Hope and excitement only lighted the young mermaid’s face for a moment before flickering out when she gasped for air and choked on water with a misunderstanding of her new lungs. She looked down at her fins, no her feet, in confusion as she flailed them about helplessly, panic now striking her features. The deep waters suddenly felt heavy around her, painfully weighing down against her. But the ocean knew what to do; the ocean saved her. The sea creatures carried their naive princess to the surface protecting the last hope they had for her.
To the Surface.

Enchantment is still open and there are so very many things to be had. One of my favorite things in the whole round is this Spellbound hair, Sirena. It comes with the shell crown and flowers and each are separate pieces so you can choose how much of it you would like to wear. Fantasy Gacha Carnival also opened and with it is this really cute outfit in fitmesh for SLink by Pepper. SLink isn’t my favorite body, but this outfit is cute enough to compromise. I tried it on Maitreya, and it simply would not work.

Sea Princess Closeup

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The Rain. – for Roxi

“The rain to the wind said,
You push and I’ll pelt.’
They so smote the garden bed
That the flowers actually knelt,
And lay lodged–though not dead.
I know how the flowers felt.”
― Robert Frost
I only know Roxi Firanelli through her photography and blog, but it is a beautiful way to come to know someone…if distant. I cannot pretend to understand her loss and her pain. Although, I do understand loss and pain as we all do. For more information, please read Duchesss Flux‘s post. To support Roxi in her time of loss please visit the dock at Nymphai where you can release a luminary and purchase this lovely and delicate necklace to help with her son’s funeral expenses.
“It’s not that we have to quit this life one day, but it’s how many things we have to quit all at once: music, laughter,the physics of falling leaves, automobiles, holding hands,the scent of rain, the concept of subway trains… if only one could leave this life slowly!”
― Roman Payne, Rooftop Soliloquy

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Stage – More We Love Roleplay and Retroville Gacha


In. Out.

Eyelids fluttered shut against pale cheeks, removing her from the stage. Instead, she was there in the forest. The painted particle board became large, ancient tress that bowed over her graciously. The hard surface of the stage became soft, warm earth covered in plush grass beneath her bare feet. She heard birds chittering in the distance.

Palms of trembling hands smoothed over the thick velvet of her gown. They moved slowly, first over her bodice then down her skirt overflowing with a pettiskirt. As they traveled, the trembling slowly abated.

In. Out.

She remembered back to her childhood. Dressed in a plastic tiara and bits of clothes she found at yard sales, she pretended to be a princess. Other childred mocked her. They told her that trash could never be royalty. And now she was pretending again. A smile alighted on her face; it revealed itself more in her cheeks than her lips. She pretended to be many things as a child. She would continue to do the same as an adult on stage.

 Retroville Gacha opens on the 15th and DRD is releasing this really cute studio set. The insert that I used on the stage that looks like a play set is one of many different sceneries available in the gacha: forest, castle, sci-fi, a street, western town, etc. All of them look pretty phenomenal. There is also a studio building for you to put one in at a time and a casting couch and director’s chair as rares. It is a really lovely set.

This Pixicat dress is a new release at We Love Roleplay. It is sumptuously detailed for nobility, exactly as intended. Look at the backs of the sleeves! Also, at We Love Roleplay this round is a beautiful hair from Elikatira. It has a side braid and comes with a lovely circlet. Circlets are my favorite!

To be royal.

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Blade dancer.

This round of We ♥ RP is still going strong and Moon Amore released this beautiful windblown dress this month.

Blade dancer.

The next photo was taken at a lovely sim named Opium. The pose was also released at this round of We ♥ RP by an Lar. I love this set of poses they are very fluid and lovely.

Blade dancer.

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To be a fairy…

To be a fairy... (bathtime)

Consensual is a new monthly event that opened today. It focuses on high-quality, adult furniture.  The build is simple but impactful and really showcases the products on display. Teleport over and see what is being offered. Don’t forget to bring that special someone (or that special someone right now) to test out all the poses.

To be a fairy... (downward)

This outfit is newish from May’s Soul. She always does such lovely work and the colors on this top and bottom are rich and beautiful. Futher more, it is unrigged and modifiable…this means it is easy to wear with all those meshy parts.

To be a fairy... (outfit)

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Shopping at The Shops and Mesh Body Problems

I usually don’t present tutorials. Generally, I just like to show pretty things. However, mesh bodies are pretty things. Currently, I have the WowMeh (no longer available), the Slink Physique, and TMP body. My absolute favorite is TMP, but I also realize that shopping at The Shops and using the Style HUD can be rather overwhelming at first. This is where I come in like a guardian angel to help my bloggettes with their beautiful mesh bodies.

First we should discuss a few things about mesh bodies first. These things are true for all fitted mesh bodies. Which raises our first question. What is fitted mesh? There are three types of mesh (so far).

  1. Unrigged mesh – This is just mesh that doesn’t respond to any body sliders and attaches to the body much like a prim.
  2. Rigged mesh – This is mesh that responds to some body sliders but not all. This is what we normally get when we buy a dress in standard sizing. Because it is rigged it moves with our body and responds to some skeletal sliders but not fat or muscle sliders.
  3. Fitted mesh – This is mesh that responds to most of the body sliders, not only skeletal but also fat and muscle.

What does a fitted mesh body mean for you and your adorable avie? It means that you can still create and adjust your shape and be you. But there are some drawbacks. An alpha layer for a purchased piece of clothing will not affect the mesh body. Why not? Well, alpha layers affect the system body. If alpha layers affected mesh, then when you put on an alpha layer, the dress you put on would also disappear.

Can you wear fitted mesh clothes with your rigged mesh body? Luckily, designers are brilliant. The Slink, TMP, and Belleza body all come with an alpha hud. The alpha hud can make certain pieces or chucks of the mesh body disappear. This means, you can wear rigged mesh clothing with these bodies. However, because these are preset pieces of the body (not alphas made specifically for a piece of clothing), not everything is going to fit perfectly. You will need to demo and play around with your shape a bit and see what will and will not work with the body. Furthermore, placing rigged mesh clothes on a fitted mesh body means you still need to conform to the standard sizing of the clothes.

So! First you need a body. There are many reviews of the new Belleza body, one of my favorites is Harper Beresford’s review.

Also, here is a photo by Meghindo of eleven, ELEVEN, mesh bodies available with landmarks in the comments.

If you decide to purchase TMP body, click on the LM get your cute lil bum over to their store.

When you arrive at their store, they will automatically send you a folder titled “The Shops! HUDs & More.” You need these HUDs to shop in their store and to style the body once you receive it. If you accidentally declined it or threw it away or can’t find it the the disaster that is your godforsaken inventory, click on the logo on the wall that looks like this:


Don’t worry, you’re not only beautiful but brilliant. You can handle this. 🙂

Now you’re going to attach The Shops! Shopping HUD from your inventory and it will initally look like:


Select English (or Portuguese, French, German, or Chinese). Then agree to the TOS…and we are making slow but definite progress but only after you hit the ‘Continue.’

These are the options before you in the build (not in the HUD).


“The Boutique” is for clothes, shoes, and jewelry. They have lovely fitted mesh clothes that fit perfectly on their own body without alphas.

“The Skin Shop” is for skins and makeups.

“The Mesh Project” is where you will find the mesh bodies and heads. I do not own a head and, therefore, will not be discussing it.

Also, there is a LiveHelp button. I have never used it, but I have heard that they are quite good if you have any further questions.

Click on “The Mesh Project” and you will be whisked away by the magic of teleportation a new area of glowing white, futuristically clean, spacious, and overly simplified interior decoration.

Now for the shopping HUD. At this time, the shopping HUD is just a logo in the bottom left-hand corner and a balance (probably a big fat zero) in the upper right-hand corner. Even if you are just going to get the free body you must have the shopping HUD attached but you do not need to purchase credits. But if this is the body you have chosen as your primary mesh body, you want one with appliers and goodies and whatnot. So, you’re going to need to click on that big gold medallion on the floor, that Serina is so beautifully presenting.


You can buy credits in four increments: 250, 500, 1000, and 5000. The deluxe mesh body is 5000L. So, that is what I am going to purchase, and I will do so by clicking on the circle with the 5000 in it. I may be oversimplifying this a bit. 😛 Please keep in mind that once you purchase credits into this HUD, there is no way to get them back in Linden. So, please make sure you buy only what you need. Check prices, add up what you plan to purchase and then buy your credits. I admit, it is a strange system…but people have done much stranger things to be beautiful. XD

There are numbers on the wall! Start at the beginning with number 1 and click on the body beside it.


Once you click on this it will activate your shopping HUD. In essence, to shop at The Shops, you are shopping through the HUD and in the store at the same time. It gives their store a very clean and simple appearance, though it may be quite confusing at first.

The Shops is always very busy and sometimes it takes a while for everything in the HUD to load, so give it a moment. When it does, it will look like this:


You can see my new balance in the upper right-hand corner of the screen is $5000. Also, there is a row at the bottom of the screen with four versions of the mesh body. They range from the free version which is furthest right to the Deluxe version furthest left. The free version is just a body with no alpha HUD (which make is extremely difficult if not impossible to wear your mesh clothes with it). Think of the free version as a demo that you can wear to nude beaches and to CMNF events (if you don’t know what that is, just keep moving along >.> ). It includes 36 preset skin tones but you cannot use appliers with it. You can match this body to many skins with the preset skin tones, because they also give you neck blenders.

If you click on each of these bodies on the bottom, it will give you the details of each body in the little circle up on the upper left. Only the Basic and the Deluxe have an alpha HUD.

If you just want to demo the body, click on the free version, then the big buy button and it will be delivered to your inventory via the miracle of the internet.

Click the X to minimize your shopping HUD and cam over right next to where you were looking and you should see this:


Here you can buy a shape or physics for your body…but neither are necessary. I use my own shape and I don’t need mah boobehs to bounce.

However, if you bought the deluxe body you will want to click on the feet:


You need to click to get your feet redelivered. All the feet come with the Deluxe body but for some inexplicable reason they do not send them to you with the body. You must click on that redeliver button for them to send you all five feet styles. Weird, but good to know.

YAY! You made it! You have a mesh body with hands and feet. You should keep in mind that this mesh body is NOT Slink compatible. There is usually a gap between the hands and the arms or the feet and the legs. This should be taken into consideration when you decide which body you would like. Sometimes, I do wear my Slink feet because I want to wear Slink shoes, but I have to wear a cuff to cover the gap.

If you have purchased the body and you need help with the Style HUD that will be my next tutorial..probably tomorrow. 🙂

Enjoy your bodies, bloggettes! (Get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty girl.)

You can check my Flickr for more photos that I have taken with my TMP body. I don’t always make blog posts from my photos, but everything is still credited in the comments.


They say she brought magic to the land, what they failed to realize is that the land itself was magical.

Hellooo Bloggettes! The Secret Affair has begun and it shouldn’t be kept a secret because there are lots of lovelies there to be had.

They say she brought magic to the land...

(Photo taken at Elven Mist. )

They say she brought magic to the land... (outfit)

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Dancing on the edge of reality.

Hello, Bloggettes!

Today I have some goodness for you from Ilaya at The Thrift Shop. This cute top is super rich in color and comes with a color change HUD which also allows you to change the color and metal tone of the belt. You know how I love options. Also, there is this beautiful necklace by lassitude and ennui coming up soon at The Secret Affair. It is absolutely gorgeous and dripping in detail and it is moddable! So, I color tinted it to match the threads. I love designers who let me color tint (remember to select face).

Dancing on the edge of reality.

This photograph was taken at The Sea of Cubic Dreams, an absolutely lovely art installation. It is all over the blogs lately and I had to snap myself there, because it is quite beautiful. You should stop by and play around with the cubies, some of them are moveable. I even stood on one to take a photo and it sunk into the water. 🙂

Dancing on the edge of reality. (Outfit)


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