…and they say they don’t believe in fairy tales anymore.

A darker post for Halloween. You know I love fairies bloggettes, but I decided to do a darker fairy. In lore, fairies are rarely cute and sweet. At best, fairies are mischievous but usually they are downright vicious. Recap fairies have metal boots with which they stomp their victims to death. They then proceed to dip their hats int he blood of their victims which sustains their own life. Once the blood on their cap dries, the fairy dies. So, bloody photos! Yay!

...and they say they don't believe in fairy tales anymore.

Photograph taken at Toxian City.

The best part of this outfit are the heels by Deathrow Designs. They are beautifully detailed, and Jaimy created a special Halloween blood splattered version which is very well textured (like everything she creates). So, here is my homage to these heels:

DRD Special Whore Heels

Clickety-click for the credits, my little bloglings:

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In the right light, even I have a halo.

In the right light, even I have a halo.

(Photo taken at Toxian City.)

Mandala – Steking Ears
Soedara – Bruised Body
Corvus – Eye Scar
Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands
LeLutka – Sato Hair – IrishRed
Glam Affair – Cleo – America – 03 A
Crash Republic – Gem Eyes – Blue

080214-02 Edit 2Clothes:
Blueberry – Jamie Mesh Tank Top in Black
MIEL – Cargo Skirt – Army
DRD – Worn Combats – Copper
MANDALA – Shamira Dog Tag Necklace in Black
BREACH – MAC-10 Holster
DirtyStories – Boom It! Armband in Real
22769 – Pygar Wings Metal (gacha)
TI – Black Gun Holsters
SISU – Iron Cross
DRD – WW2 Belt


Expressive Poses