LotD 113: Because human existence is finite…

LotD 113

Hello my lil bloglings! Wish me luck, because I am entering the coldLogic photo competition. ¬†These are my photos for the competition. Unlike my usual photos, they are photoshopped, however, only the shadows and such are photoshopped to be deeper–all the clothing is absolutely gorgeous without any help.

I chose gish by coldLogic because, though it is an older piece, it is so classically beautiful. Then I paired it with these new shoes from Vive9 Ryvolter.  I hope you enjoy the eye candy blogettes!

LotD 113

Style Notes: The new shoes from Ryvolter put the skin matching HUD right in the middle of your screen, which can be a bit frustrating. But never fear, just right click on the HUD, edit and move it out of the way so you can see your lil tootsies while you’re skin matching.

Clickety-click for the credits:

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