LotD 114: Rockabilly Style

LotD 114

Bloglings! I am so excited today because The Arcade starts tomorrow! So don’t forget to go because I have seen so many previews for so many great items and I can’t wait to get them and show them to you.

Today is just a cute outfit that I put together from things mostly already in my inventory.  Except this new BOOM bow around Musey’s neck, which is simply adorable.

LotD 114

Style Notes: I actually purchased the BOOM choker in the color Marshmallow (white) and tinted it red to get it this bright red because the Cherry was too dark to match the shoes and belt. Furthermore, the belt had to be drastically resized in order to fit properly with the dress, just so you know Bloggettes.

P.S. Please forgive my skin not matching on my shoes! I forgot to change my skintone when I put them on. :/ I’m such a lazy bloggette.

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