LotD 92: By Candlelight

LotD 92

MichaMi just released this new dress which is absolutely beautiful. The brocade texturing is divine and the structure of the mesh is interesting and unique. It is using mesh in a way that couldn’t be done with the previous methods, which is the point.¬† Am I gushing? I’m gushing, but you probably will be also once you pick it up. And you are going to break down and buy it, aren’t you?

I paired it with jewelry from Cae that came¬†from the With Love Hunt, which ends in a couple days. If you haven’t found your goodies, do it quickly. Refer to the December 12th post for the necessary links.

Furthermore, I took my photos today at the World’s End Garden, which is an absolutely beautiful sim. You should spend some time there. Don’t forget to find the doors to teleport to the different areas. It is lovely.

LotD 92

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