Assassin: We Love Roleplay and The Project Se7en

It was not the night which chased away the usual traffic that filled the bridge; it was her presence. Standing in the center, she felt the cool night air drift along the surface of her skin, warm with adrenaline, stinging the red gash on her cheek. It was yet another reminder of her weakness and a small smile flirted along the edge of her lips despite the mar along her cheekbone. The thought of her own weakness reassured her that one day she would be stopped.

They did not call on her for her subtlety. It was her conspicuity that they desired. She was known for the impractically tight red dress she wore, high slits along the legs to ease her movements. No one knew if she was called Red because of her dress or if it was the color she wore because of her name; no one dared ask.

She found her way to cities where the lines between politician and criminal did not exist. She came as they beckoned, when they needed an executioner, called upon to eradicate the enemies of politicians and criminals alike. But she also came as an example. That slight smile that crept along her lips was well known and elicited fear. When she walked through crowded cities, there was a swell of murmuring and chatter right before a pall of silence; and the crowds dissipated, people feared simply being in her presence. These crowds repeated the stories of her viciousness when she was not present. They were stories she dared not repeat even to herself, stories she would pretend did not exist. They were stories which crept into the corners of her mind and prevented her from sleeping at night. But she did not deny what she had become, who she now was, and she would wake again tomorrow with the sheen of anxiety still damp on her skin and repeat the stories which echoed in her mind in the sleepless hours of night.

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Hello, my lil bloggettes! As many of you know I am a moderator in the Mesh Body Addicts group. I recommend the blog on a daily basis because it is so informative for people entering the market. Periodically, I will be guest posting on their blog featuring some amazing fitmesh for roleplay/fantasy. This was my first post there, please go check it out. (Edit 1)


Elven Coronation – Crystal Heart Fair

She portrayed the poise of her newly attained station. Her head held the heavy crown steadily. But inside, she trembled. She felt her hands fluttering, but they did not move at all as she held the sceptre of her station. Cerulean eyes washed out over the crowed of elves and woodland creatures which gathered in the grove to watch her take the new crown. She wondered if they heard her heart beating; it sounded so incredibly loud in her ears and she was certain in reverberated off the trunks of the large, old trees throughout the ceremonial grove. The burden of her new station weighed heavily upon her, not just the weight of the crown upon her head, but it bore down on her shoulders and weighed in her mind. When she spoke, her voice was mellifluent, words cascaded over crowd like the songs of the night larks. She need not say anything at all, for the audience gathered around and simply listened to the symphony of her voice, letting it flow through the grove the crescendos ebbing and flowing like the cool surf. To them, she was perfect – poise and grace combined with education and humility.

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ISON released this gorgeous dress at Crystal Heart Fair, which is a whole event themed around Sailor Moon. There are two versions of the dress available. The light and the dark. Each one comes with six colors. The Crystal Heart Fair ends on July 28th, so don’t forget to stop by. Honestly, there is so much there that is just freakin’ adorable and if you haven’t stopped by, you really should. Even the build is adorable.

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The Morrigan – We Love Roleplay and Chapter 4

The austerity of her facial features, the hardness of its lines, and cruelty of her stark brows were, in a strange way,  tempered by her ease of movement. A skirt slung loosely around slim hips which swayed around her feet and whispered softly against the ground. Even the solid steal flail hung precariously across delicate shoulders swung at her side as if it were a delicate glass bauble not an instrument of harsh brutality. Dark wings hung behind her; the glossy, inky feathers matched the raven which perched on the handle of her flail.

A softness resonated in her eyes, contradicting the harshness of her cheekbones and jawline. Those eyes burned with a warmth of compassion and understanding that her victims did not expect. When she passed over battlefields to choose those to take and those to leave behind, when people wounded and weary from battle, gazed about and saw her face, they did not expect the depth of compassion and concern in her eyes. And when they begged her for more days, more days to struggle for causes in which they believed, more days to win victoriously against their foe, more days to be able to march home with their fellow warriors, they did not expect to see tears gather at the corner of those vermilion eyes, and run in rivulets along her cheeks. But her task was not one she chose, and the powers and balance of life and death was not something within her grasp. She was but a servant, a minion, to forces much greater than she. It was a burden which rested heavily along her shoulders and deep inside of her heart. It was a burden which seemed much too heavy for someone of her slight build, but which she carried with an unexpected ease.

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Hello, bloglings! WLRP is still open and sYs released this beautiful feather collar which is fitted for mesh bodies. They also have a matching, high-waisted,  feathered miniskirt, which I am not wearing. It comes in two cloth versions black and brown, and each comes with a  HUD for changing the texture on the feathers. Chapter 4 also opened earlier this month and with it Storybook released this perfect skirt. I have a love for floor length, bohemian skirt. This one is perfect. For me, it is where is rests along the hips that is EVERYTHING and this one is slung just low enough. So, if you passed over this simple but versatile piece, go back. Go back, now.

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Fairy Whispers – Enchantment Final Days

 This is a work of fiction. All the characters in it, human and otherwise, are imaginary, excepting only certain of the fairy folk, whom it might be unwise to offend by casting doubts on their existence. Or lack thereof. ~Neil Gaiman

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Hello, bloglings! Another round of Enchantment is about to close. Even if you’re completely empty on Linden, stop by and enjoy the lovely decor. It is beautifully decorated and themed around Thumbelina. It is adorable. But if you’re there, you might as well pick up this adorable flower dress from Dead Dollz, perfect for your new fae avatar. I know you already have a fae avatar, but one cannot have too many (trust me on this). Cubic Cherry also has this adorable Flower Umbrella, I made it small so my fae is just holding a large flower, but it is so cutes.

And since you’re now on a shopping spree, you might as well stop by The Fantasy Collective for these en pointe ballet heels by Chica Chica. They’re perfect.❤

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The Beckoning. – Enchantment, Ultra, Secret Affair, Uber, Collabor88, Fantasy Collective

She could feel it rising behind her, its gravitational force shifting the weight of the cool, damp air around her. These tiny shifts felt as if they crackled along the surface of her dark skin. That skin which was dark as the night which shrouded her during the beginnings of her ritual. As First Sorcerer, the ritual was her responsibility and, therefore, her burden.

Throughout the night, she moved with the gravitational forces, tugged at them, beckoning them to come forward. She sauntered and dipped, staffs twirling about her, glowing like night larks. It was surprising how fluidly she moved, considering the ornate ceremonial wings which hung heavily from her back. But she did not seem burdened by them as continued the ritual for hours, her power drawing the planetary body up behind her, forcing worlds to move, governing the heavenly bodies as if she were a god.

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Bloglings, in case you haven’t heard, yet (why haven’t you been reading my blog?!), Enchantment closes on the 31st. So, get your pixel booties over there because these wings from Glitzz are absolutely gorgeous. They are delicate and ornate and extremely versatile with a color change HUD. Clearly, you need to pop on over so you can be the fairy princess unicorn you’ve always dreamed of being. Collabor88 is also closing, so stop on by and pick up this bikini from Fashionably Dead (who are now doing mesh body fits!).

While some good things are coming to a lovely end, new beautiful things open to fill the void in our inventory and delightfully consumerist hearts which replace love with things pretty things. So, don’t forge to stop by the new round of Uber where you will find this floral motif tattoo in metallic tones from Uber. It looks amazing against dark skin tones. Also, there is this very functional and and simple maxi skirt from Just Because. I’m certain I’ll be wearing it often. Then at the Fantasy Collective, I snapped up this gorgeous collar from Aisling. I just wish I could get everything they make delivered to my inventory directly.

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Because I love options and the ability to change my mind at ridiculous rates without reaping the consequences out on my Linden balance, I am going to show you the many options you get with the Glitzz wings and Aisling collar. Their HUDs:

hud collage.png

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Dramatic – Enchantment and Whimsical

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. – Marilyn Monroe

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Hello again, bloggettes! Enchantment is still open! If you haven’t stopped by, you really need to. Azoury made this lovely avant garde headpiece that looks like a hydrangea flower. The texturing and geometry on it is amazing. Truth also released this lovely hair which comes with a little crown (not pictured). So, please don’t forget to stop by before it closes on the 31st.

Whimsical also just opened this week. It has these amazing heels from Garbaggio, which are so strange and interesting and different. There are tons of really cute and lovely things there, so get your pixels teleportin’.

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My Subscription Addiction – The Luxe Box

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Have you been in SL recently? If you have, then you know what I’m about to blather on about for the next ten minutes or so in this post. If you don’t, you can get more information about the Luxe Box here.  You have probably already formulated your own opinion, but hear me out. I’m not a crazy person. I’m just an addict with a love of subscription boxes telling her version of SL silliness that has no real bearing on anything important (let’s be open here). #firstworldproblems

This is the point at which I stand up in the borrowed room in the back of a church with a circle of cheap folding chairs. The smell of burnt coffee weighs heavily in the air and one gentleman in particular is stirring his incessantly. I can’t stop watching the tiny black cyclone he is creating with the white stirrer. Tiny droplets of the bad brew dripping down the sides, leaving little trails which depict their journey. I clear my throat nervously, my voice is meek and embarrassed and I remove my gaze from the black hole of the man’s coffee to my feet. “Hello, my name is Muse, and I have a subscription addiction.”

I love subscription boxes in real life. I have purchased the Loot Crate in the past. I now get the Birch Box. I have purchased the Nerd Block and the Baker’s Box for other people.

When one of these boxes is on the way, I receive an email. For a few days, I have something to look forward to. It isn’t much. It is a bit silly, I know. But it is a little surprise for myself. A box of things picked for me by someone else (the entity unknown). It is a bit romantic and silly. Practically, I know they aren’t chosen for me specifically. I’m okay with telling myself a silly narrative to bring a smile to my face.

Then the day arrives. The box is at my door. I get to open the package, and this is the best part. It is full of small gifts. They are little sample packs. Tiny toys. Maybe a baby tee. I can lay out the beauty products. Decide if they are something I can use (if it is a product for curly hair, for instance, it won’t be for me). I can try a new perfume. See if this lotion leaves behind an oily residue or not. I can try to discover what game or comic this little figure it from. Spend time researching it and learn about something in geek culture. The tee isn’t a color I would choose, but after pondering it I realize I have a sweater I can wear with it to make it super cute.

For at least an hour of my life, I get to try new products that I would have never gone to a store and chosen for myself. I get to learn new things. I get to experiment with color or product types that I would have never thought to try before. It is like experiencing the taste of someone very different than yourself. They have excellent taste, but it just isn’t something that is a part of you. The beauty in this, is that there is this chance, this beautiful chance, that it may become a part of you. Expanding your horizons, changing how you see yourself, what you know, what you’ve experienced, how you define yourself by the color of a tee or the smell of a perfume. These are tiny, insignificant things. However, it is often the accumulation of these small things which make up our sense of identity. Besides, they make me smile.

So, the Luxe Box for the low, low price of 1000L (a cup of coffee) made me smile. I’m not sure that the incessant complaining in groups comes from people who appreciate the experience of a subscription box. They don’t seem to understand that a subscription box isn’t intended to be a box of items you would have walked into a store and picked out for yourself. If that is what you want to do, go to a store and pick things out for yourself. It isn’t intended to be a full product line. They are tiny samples, little glimpses of a life you didn’t choose for yourself. A strange but very well textured color of hair that you now can try to work into a look, try to be a little different, try to expand the narrow definition by which you defined yourself. Maybe it is spring colored dress, but your soul is as dark as burnt coffee. But in this moment, when you’re unpacking a subscription box, you get to be a little lighter, a little freer. Or perhaps, it is a whimsical bed, that doesn’t match your industrial loft but you surprise yourself by liking it. Now, you want to change your whole build. Or maybe it is a pair of shoes that you decide you hate and will never incorporate into your style. This is all part of the experience for which you paid. This is the joy and the folly of a subscription box. It isn’t about getting what you want at the store. It is about getting what someone else wants for you. It is about experiencing that moment when we can redefine ourselves, see ourselves as a little different than we previously envisioned.

Self-identity is a very strange thing. In SL we can be anything we wish to be (aesthetically speaking) and, yet, we continue to define ourselves so narrowly. The definition becomes so strict that we can’t imagine wearing a different color hair or dress. Maybe you need a subscription box to help you out? Help you change things a little. Maybe you don’t, but please don’t ruin your experience. Don’t ruin that moment of  self-exploration because you didn’t get a fatpack of everything in the box; that was never the intention. Don’t ruin your experience because everything in the box isn’t something you would have purchased if you went to a store to pick them out. If you want that, go to a store and pick things out. You don’t need a subscription box for that.


Inside this particular box were twelve items from twelve different designers for 1000L. That is less than a hundred linden per item, which is an amazing deal. Everything was of the quality indicative of the creators which we knew in advance were going to be involved. So, maybe subscription boxes aren’t for you. That is okay to admit. But, as any addict would say, I’m ready for my next hit. One month seems so far away.


Want to know more about May’s Luxe Box? See Strawberry Singh’s post which includes a really cute video of her opening her new goodies. <here>

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Dancing Tulip – Enchantment

Daisy: What kind of a garden do you come from?
Alice: Oh, I don’t come from any garden.
Daisy: Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?

– Alice in Wonderland (Disney film version)

051316-02 (Edit 2).png

Enchantment opens on the 14th! This is one of my favorite events because I adore fairy tales. Last round the theme was The Last Unicorn. This round it is Thumbelina. There are so many cute items. One of my favorite is this dress by Zibska, which comes in standard, Bellesa Venus and Isis, and SLink Physique and Hourglass sizing for the dress base. The skirt itself is not rigged. It also come with a color change HUD for your indecisive pleasure.

051316-04 ((Edit 2).png

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Waiting – Collabor88, Hairology, Cosmopolitan

People knew her at the best hotels in the most beautiful cities of the world. She was known for her beautiful face and smoldering eyes, and even more so for the wealthy man’s arm whom she inevitably adorned.

However, despite all the accommodations that wealth can afford, she almost always remained in the room. She waited for her wealthy benefactor to return, to hold her, to bring her expensive gifts, to use her as she used them. Never did she leave and she only ordered room service when required. She hated the eyes of disdain. The staff all knew what she was, just as she knew what she was. And those eyes, which pried and begged for answers, those eyes which wondered how she could sell herself in such a manner, those eyes begged questions she didn’t want to answer. But she already had the answer deep inside, hiding in a trove she dare not search out. When you have nothing, when you’re starving in the streets, why not sell the one thing you have of value for the luxury of silk sheets?

Those prying eyes told her the same thing she had already known, had been told her whole life. Her beauty was the only thing of value, and she sold it at an exorbitant cost.

051116-03-1 (Edit 1).png

There are three anniversary/birthday events this month. So, don’t forget to stop by FaMESHed, Chapter 4, and We Love Roleplay to pick up your gifties!

This round of Collabor88 is lovely; the theme is New Americana, which seems to translate into some lovely bohemian items. Apple May Designs is a guest designer and they released this lovely bra and panties set. It comes in Maitreya, SLink Physique and Hourglass, and Belleza Freya and Isis Sizes.

I also picked up these amazing shoes by R.icielli at the Cosmopolitan Showroom, which come with an amazing color changing HUD for all the different parts. While you’re there, Breathe also has some beautiful shoes out.

051116-05 (Edit 2).png

I don’t often wear Emo-tions hair. I can’t seem to find a shade that I like to wear on a regular basis with them. However, this hair released at Hairology was the inspiration for this whole post. It is so glamorous

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