Steampunk Cyclops – We Love Roleplay & The Treasure Chest

There was a soft whirring as her oculens focused further in the distance, searching the horizon for that goddamn ship. She sighed and jutted her hip out, hands falling helplessly at her sides, in a display of annoyance only the street lamps could see.

The street lamps cast a cold light along the empty dock. Empty because it was late, she thought to herself as she looked around, oculens spinning as it recalibrated itself every time it refocused.

“Shouldn’t have trusted those fuckin’ rovers,” she said with another sigh to the streetlamps. Of course, she was a rover. But self-hatred is strangely comfortable place to be.

Glancing back over the horizon, her oculens refocused again with that patent whirring that she no longer even noticed, and she finally caught a glimpse of a tiny ship. “About goddamn time, unreliable rover bastards are always late.”

101616-03 (Edit 3).png

Hello, Bloglings! Soooo…at WLRP Wicca’s Wardrobe released this amazing Samara outfit. It comes with this top, two bottoms options (not shown here), and the arm jewelry. It is such a great deal for such badassery!

Also, a new subscription box has arrived! As you may know by my previous posts, I love subscription boxes. I like to switch between different boxes in RL and SL. So, this month, I signed up for The Treasure Chest, which had some amazingly beautiful pieces in it. Particularly, this cycloptic scope from Contraption. Everything they make is so highly detailed that even if you didn’t get the box this month, you will want to stop by their store, if you never have before. The website for The Treasure Chest is listed in the credits, in case you want more information to sign up next month.

101716-01 (Edit 1).png

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That Which Remains – We Love Roleplay

She stood, with her legs at awkward angles, atop the broken piece of wall. Bare feet clung to the rough surface which was an echo of the rough, dry, and destroyed city that surrounded her.

Even as she climbed, her movements were fluid. Even as her bare feet clung to the rough surface, there was an elegant ease about her. Her skin was so fair it seemed to emanate a light within, traces of dirt refused to mar the smooth surfaces of her body which were painfully exposed. But pain did not reflect on the stoic features of her face, even as broken bits of rock stung the soft soles of her feet, even as the wind whipped at her hair, and washed her over with the tiny bits of rock it dismantled from the remains of buildings. The wind now shaped this land, the land humans had forsaken.

She had climbed to this spot to survey the remains of the city. The dark tower was still too ominously close behind her, and she feared its presence even if she knew it was vacant. In the face of all the destruction, the mere presence of the tower called out to her, beckoned her to return to hide from the loss that was her home. But she could not return to the tower, no matter how sweetly its darkness called. She realized as she looked out at the ruins, that she was one of them. She was one of the broken pillars or dead plants. She was part of the dry ground which was swept up by the wind. Like the ruins, she was all that remained.

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Hello again, bloglings. It is another month and another roleplay inspired post. This month, at We Love Roleplay, Belle Epoque released this lovely silken outfit called Idella. I have seem some people asking for fitted silks, so this may be perfect for you. Unfortunately, they are only fit for Maitreya, but they do offer a few different colors from which you can choose.

100716-09 (Edit 2).png

While I was frolicking (yes, frolicking is my natural method of forward movement) around looking for fitmesh at WLRP, I wandered across this beautiful skin by YS&YS for Catwa heads. I am wearing the VAMP tone, but she has five different fantasy tones for this skin, all of which are absolutely lovely.

This post is a guest posting on the Mesh Body Addicts blog, please see the details there.


Super Duper Beginner Mesh Head Videos!

Super Duper Beginner Mesh Head Videos!

Some of you may have seen me around. I help mod the Mesh Body Addicts group, which is a super helpful group about mesh bodies and body parts. I also spend a lot of time in other groups like the Catwa head group, etc. I love to help and exchange information. They are fun groups to be in.

Being in those groups, especially mesh head groups, I have noticed quite a few people ask for more basic videos about mesh heads. So, I have created my first two tutorial videos ever.😀 I hope you enjoy them and learn something.

This video covers what is in your mesh heads box, how to wear it, and how to change the skin/what a skin applier is.

Catwa – Bibi Mesh head (at the beginning)
Catwa – Gwen Mesh Head (used later)
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Pink Fuel – DollV2 Skin
Buzzeri – Celestial Eyes
ISON – Quinton Glasses
Tram – C407 Hair
ISON – Wrap Off Shoulder Sweater at Uber

This video reviews more skin changing and how much a skin can affect the way your mesh head looks, and changing the shape of your head using your SL shape sliders.


Catwa – Gwen Mesh Head
Exile – Hearts Don’t Break Even Hair
Buzzeri – Celestial Eyes
Yummy – Eclat Necklace

Skin Appliers Used throughout demo:

Pink Fuel – Doll V2
The Skinnery – Soojin
The Skinnery – Estee
Atelier Pepe – Anna
Izzie’s – Brooke Wounded Angel at Uber

Looking for more information? Looking for reviews? Looking for skin, appliers, clothing, a nice support system, and world peace? Go to

Also, join Daria’s group…because it is full of awesome, with an awesome center.

By Candlelight. – WLRP, Salem, Momento Mori

She watched the slow burning wick for hours. Holding the candle, waiting for the last of the light to flicker out. People always seemed to equate light with hope, but she took solace in the darkness. The darkness which patiently waited as the dark wax dripped, the darkness which was always there on the periphery. The darkness was reliable and ever patient. It would wait out the dying of the stars, each winking away from existence in an extended but awesome death. The darkness was there, ever patient, indifferent to the ephemeral nature of the world.


Hello again, bloglings! So many amazing events have started or are starting this month.

100416-04 (Edit 4).png

Of course, one of my favorite events is back for another round starting tomorrow, We Love Roleplay! This round AlterEgo has released beautiful new fantasy toned skins in rich tones complete with Catwa appliers. I absolutely love these skins. Also, Hextraordinary released these moon candle holders which are color change and scripted to melt over time, which is a very clever idea.

100416-03 (Edit 1).png

Also, Hextraordinary released these moon candle holders which are color change and scripted to melt over time, which is a very clever idea. Not only does the candle diminish but the wax beings to run in rivulets along the side and accumulates more as the fire progresses along the wick.

Along with another great round of WLRP are two Halloween themed events this month: Salem and Memento Mori. The pentagram harness and belt were made by aisling for Salem and are fitted for multiple mesh bodies. I wore the belt over an old ISON skirt, be aware that it does not fit perfectly over the skirt in the back.

I also picked up some pauldrom from The Forge mainstore for the Gacha Guardians event. Good luck!

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So, you want to be an elf?

ears swallow pixlr edit 3.png

Helloooo, my lil bloglets! I have been waiting for Shiny Shabby to open since Swallow released the concept art for their new elf ears. And now I have them and they are so beautiful and elegant. They have such a lovely shape and so many nice options. Below is a photo of the HUD, which the creator had on her blog.


As you can see, there are lots of tattoo options. My favorite is the elven script, which I use in the photo. There are, however, no piercings or jewelry.

So, while I was looking at my new beautifully shaped elven ears, I began pondering the extensive nature of my ear collection. It sounds much more macabre than it is. Anyhow, I thought about all the times people ask me about elven ears and my opinions and where to get nice one. So, because I’m sooo magnanimous and helpful, I decided to dedicate a whole post to my elf ear collection.

Yay, pointy ears!


These cute lil nubbin’ ears are from Aitui. They’re adorable, and have a more contemporary twist with the piercings. These are the only elven shaped ones from Aitui I own. They make a longer elf ear and some other nubbins, but all their ears have plugs and piercings. If you’re more of a rounded ear kinda bloke, they have those also. You can flip through their flickr to see all the ears they offer here. Below is the HUD. You can see it offers color options for the plugs, piercings, and tattoos.  aitui hud collage.png


These are the Bentbox ears. I absolutely love them. They have an excellent shape, the options for these fantasy piercings but only more contemporary piercings. Applier compatible for both color and tattoos. AAAAAAND bloglings, they are animated. You can see a post full of my initial excitement when I first purchased them at WLRP here. The post has photos of the HUD as well as a gif of the animations.


Illusions (in the photo both above and below this paragraph) were my first elf ears. They are older and more difficult to edit and tint, but they are beautiful. If you’re looking for a dramatic shape, these are it for you. You can purchase jewelry addons, but they are not rigged to the ears, so you’ll have to edit them into place. There are no tattoo options either. Just plain but beautifully shaped elven ears. But goddammit who needs all the addons with cartilage like this?!


I know what you’re thinking bloglings. Yes, these ears are glorious, but we still must move on.


These are the Logo ears that were released a month or two ago at the MBA fair. They are specifically made to go with the Logo mesh head, but they also have rigged versions to wear with other heads and even an unrigged version, if you can’t get the rigged ones quite right. They’re nice, they’re simple, and they’re animated. I found it a bit difficult to tint them to the really fair skin I was wearing, but they are applier compatible, if you can find someone making them. If you wear them with the Logo head, the animations correspond to the Logo animations, which is pretty funtastic.


These are the Mandala ears. They also have a pierced version, which is more contemporary. I love these feather and beaded earrings and the metallic tinted tips. They’re super easy to edit and tint. For your HUD viewing pleasure.

mandala hud collage.png

In short, these are some of my go-to ears. Along with the others that I’m about to show you.


These are Mandala‘s Steking Season 5. They are a great deal, because they come with three shapes. Human, Pixie, and Elven. They also have two sets of piercings, the studs here and the hoops below on the pixie version.


You know you love these nubbins.❤ Some more sexy HUD viewin’:



Soul have pretty amazing ears for reasons. One, people make appliers for them. This means, less skin matching. Also, they come is so many shapes. You really need to stop by the store and look them over. I have a few dramatic shapes (above and below this paragraph), but there are also smaller and more elegant shapes, along with some mer shapes.




Demon. – Kustom9, The Secret Affair, FaMESHed, and MBA

The city was cold. It was not a city she could love, but it was a city which held the comfort of familiarity. It was a familiarity even her own home no longer had. The foreign cities of the surface dwellers were cold and damp. Air and water were indistinguishable here, hanging heavily, making the stone the cities were built from cold and damp. Stone, which to her, had always been warm and dry or molten and flowing. Here it was stolen, transformed. It lay about the city, cut away from the earth, now cold and alone. It was no longer a part of the Earth. Instead it had become exanimate, sad and broken from its home. She understood this rock. She felt cold and displaced here, too.

The stone could not be returned to its place in the Earth; it could not reunite with the Earth again. And she could not return home to a city that had probably forgotten her, to a city she barely remembered, but could still feel along the heated surface of her skin that it was somehow a part of her.

When they had taken her, the surface dwellers had called her a demon. They chained her and whipped her. It took most of her adolescence to fully understand the implications of their religious name-calling (and their language for that matter).

And now, after years of servitude, she was free. Her freedom hung loosely around her neck. The chain of an unheld leash mocking any who think they might be able to control her again. But most of them knew better by now, playing with fire is a dangerous thing for a surface dweller…uneducated, filthy lot that they were.

091716-03 (Edit 1).png

Hello again, bloglings. A few really great rounds are happening right now. FaMESHed is about to close which is where I picked up the bikini top by Just Because.

Then, at Kustom9, there are these amazing gloves with nails by Violent Seduction. They’re part of a gacha set, but the gloves are one of the commons and the dresses are the rares. So good luck! I just couldn’t stop photographing them; they’re so freakin’ dramatic. That is also where I picked up the collar/leash by Gabriel.

Also! The MBA Bimonthly event is back this month, with this great skirt/bikini bottom from Asteria. It comes with both silver and gold metal options. You can also wear the studded binki with or without the chains and/or fringe. Options!

091616-07 (Edit 2).png

Aaaaand…don’t forget this round of The Secret Affair. The theme this round is gold and there are some really lovely appliers there. I picked up every single one. In the photo beelow you can see the Nanika eye make up really well, and it looks just beautiful.

091616-05 (Edit 1).png

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Asteria – More We Love Roleplay

The stars sang to her. Sang to her? She didn’t know how else to describe it. Along the surface of her skin she could feel them vibrating, hear them vibrating. It was a slow, desperate dirge. The other fae felt it, too. And some nights it would fill the forest, echoing off ancient trees, thrumming deeply along the walls of their homes. It kept them awake. It overshadowed their serotinal festivities. It was a part of every intimate gathering and couldn’t be escaped even in solitude.

They knew what it meant, but they dared not speak of it. The stars were dying. This was their sad song. They were mourning their own death. Each low, desperate note that played across her skin, tugged at her. So, Asteria wept for the death of her friends. She wept for the loss of future generations. She wept until the stars themselves blessed her and marked her as one of their own children.

091416-03 (Edit 1).png

“He stared up at the stars: and it seemed to him then that they were dancers, stately and graceful, performing a dance almost infinite in its complexity. He imagined he could see the very faces of the stars; pale, they were, and smiling gently, as if they had spent so much time above the world, watching the scrambling and the joy and the pain of the people below them, that they could not help being amused every time another little human believed itself the center of its world, as each of us does.”
― Neil Gaiman, Stardust

091516-02 (Edit 1).png

I am always on the search for some dramatic makeup. I think it can really make the appearance of a fantasy character very enigmatic and striking. Some of the best makeup on the grid can be found at SlackGirl, which I am wearing in the above photo. She has appliers for so many different heads as well as system tattoo layers. So, if you aren’t familiar with her store, you should definitely wander around it for a while…you know, if you’re into that sort of thing. But if you weren’t, I can’t imagine you’d still be reading this blog post.🙂  And just in case you are on the search for dramatic makeup, another favorite brand which I have featured before is Zibska.

As all you lil bloglings know, one of my favorite monthly events is WLRP. And this round was no disappointment. Caboodle released these beautiful silky sashes in fitted mesh for Belleze Venus, Freya, and Isis; Maitreya Lara; and SLink Hourglass and Physique. That is a lot of options! While I was traipsing around WLRP, flitting like the adorable fairy that I am (or at least was at the time), I greedily snatched up the winged headpiece by Astralia. It is beautiful. Then I promptly turned them into new fae wings. To do this, you will need a bit of editing knowledge. However, I think they’re just as lovely large and stuck to my back.🙂

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The Death of a Princess – We Love Roleplay Returns

The whole kingdom called her Briar Rose, after the fabled Sleeping Princess. It was a nickname that simultaneously revered her for her beauty and teased her for her sleeping penchant. As a child she would frolic around the castle, frills and stiff lace to suit her status, but at the slightest signs of weariness she would fall asleep. It did not matter where she was. She could be playing in the garden or sneaking sweets from the cooks in the kitchen. When she was lost, it was inevitable that she would be found tucked away in come alcove, behind a tapestry, or curled up along the side of a walkway, contently asleep.

Her ability to sleep and feel secure anywhere on the castle grounds was a commendation to her royal parents, who were able to hide the turmoil of the kingdom from her. It was a kingdom like any other, rife with class conflict and political struggle. Its poverty grew rampant as the greed of the nobles escalated.

But she was a magnanimous soul. As a child, she shared her toys with the servants, often giving them away just to see the shy smile cross their lips. It made little sense to her why toys which were so plentiful would make anyone quite so happy, but she did not need to make sense of such matters as a child. So, you can imagine, how striking and terrifying the world must have been when her mother fell ill and left this world, only to be shortly followed by her father who followed his wife out of grief.

Her whole life she assumed that the world which coddled and held her, fed her and housed her did the same for everyone else. Of course, the other nobles tried to hide reality from her. They attempted to keep her to the boundaries of the castle to protect her tender heart and their vast wealth.

However, once she saw the squalor, it was not something which she could avoid. She was erudite and perceptive, and was quickly side-stepping nobles to create laws about the treatment of the peasantry. She pulled monies from the coffers of the wealthy to feed the impoverished and create homes for orphans. And each time she demanded more from the nobles – more charity, more compassion, more empathy – their anger against her mounted. Briar Rose became a champion of the people but a villain to the nobility.

So, perhaps, it was no surprise to the people who revered her that she would end up in a crystal casket like her parents. She was not trained to navigate the complicated structures of court life to institute change. She was young and naive and, perhaps, too bold.

Her people prayed over her. They prayed to their gods that she would be taken in by the light. They prayed she would be coddled and held, fed and housed in a different world, a better one. For Briar Rose was too good for this one, her traitors made that clear. But these prayers were distant hopes, murmured to distant gods out of habit more than faith. If these gods would not save her in this world, they had no reason to think they may save her in another.

090616-03 (Edit 1).png

Hello, bloglings! We Love Roleplay has returned and has many lovely things. While I was picking through the new assortment, I stumbled upon this lovely dress by Sweet Kajira! They are a new-to-me fit mesh and this dress comes in both Maitreya and e-Body sizes. This is a really sweet dress. The corset and skirt are separate pieces, so you can even mix-and-match it. It comes in five pretty pastel colors. There are quite a few other lovely things there, I hope to be able to show you shortly.

Please see the details and credits as a guest post on the MBA blog!❤


“Then she loved him as she would a manifestation of herself, both silenced and wounded in existence, both everything and nothing to eternity.”
― E.J. Koh, Red

082316-01 (Edit 1).png

Hello, bloglings. I just wanted to do a simple beautiful post today with these lovely poppy flowers released at Enchantment from Naminoke. They are so strikingly beautiful and I wanted to show them on a clean canvas, so to speak. They also offer a few different head piece versions as well has a hand-held bouquet. You really should stop by Enchantment, if you haven’t already. It ends on the 31st, and it is a beautifully decorated event.

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